People with autism may at some point in their lives need help and support with accommodation.

The type of support could be anything to do with accommodation, for example finding somewhere to live or maintaining a tenancy.

There's also support for you no matter what sort of accommodation you live in (or want to live in), whether that's private housing, renting from a social landlord, sheltered housing or anything inbetween.

Housing Options Service Trafford (HOST)

A variety of different social landlords advertise properties every week through HOST.  

Any one  can register with HOST and view and bid for properties online. You can also make an appointment to see a specialist advisor who can help you with your application or any other housing related queries. The Housing Options Service is covered by the Equality Act so if you have any particular requirements or difficulties that you would like the advisor to be aware of when you meet them you should let them know.

If you are interested in looking at accommodation in other parts of Greater Manchester will provide you with more choice.

will provide information about the private rental market across the UK

Trafford Housing Trust

Trafford Housing Trust has many properties for rent across the borough of Trafford. Most of these are advertised through the Housing Options Service. Some people with autism may qualify for a new scheme which matches people to properties available through Trafford Housing Trust. For more information about this new scheme please complete a contact form on this website.

Trafford Compass

Part of Creative Support, Trafford Compass offers short-term support with everyday living, for example: budgeting, shopping or maintaining your tenancy.

For more information please visit