Raising awareness of autism

If your service or group would like more information about autism and how you can comply with the national autism strategy and become  more ‘autism friendly’ you can contact Trafford’s Autism Coordinator Jane Forrest

Most of the autism training in Trafford is jointly delivered by a team that includes professionals working in the field, people with autism and carers.

If you have a diagnosis of autism and have an interest in getting involved in the design and/or delivery of this training you may want to join UR Consultants. UR Consultants is a social enterprise which specialises in the delivery of disability awareness training and Hate Crime training. UR consultants receive training and support and are paid for their work. For more information contact laura.stott@unitedresponse.org.uk  


Training for Carers

A range of training for carers of people with autism is currently being organised through Trafford Carers Centre for more information contact



Training for practitioners

An Introduction to autism spectrum conditions

This course is aimed at anyone wanting to know more about autism spectrum conditions. The course is interactive and focuses on improving practice. Places will be offered through Learning and Development in Trafford Council. Please contact Learningand.Development@Trafford.gov.uk; for more information.

Assessing the social care needs of adults with autism 

This course is aimed at social care assessors and social workers who are undertaking Care Act assessments of adults with autism. The course is interactive with a focus on how practitioners can make  reasonable adjustments when they undertake social care assessments. Places will be offered through Learning and Development in Trafford Council. Please contact Learningand.Development@Trafford.gov.uk; for more information  

Mental Health and Autism - a course for mental health practitioners

This course is aimed at those working in mental health services with adults who have autism. It focuses on the mental health needs of people with autism, the services and support that can be accessed, and the type of reasonable adjustments practitioners should be making where an individual has a dual diagnosis.

This training is avaialble on request. For more information contact Jane.forrest@cwp.nhs.uk  

Understanding Autism Spectrum Conditions for officers in Greater Manchester Police

This training will be provided by specialist practitioners who work with people with autism.

Bespoke training can also be offered to teams who are supporting individuals with autism spectrum conditions for more information contact Jane Forrest

Signposting and support for Service Providers

Trafford Extended Services, the Trafford Community Learning Disability Team  and the Autism Support Coordinator can also provide information and support for individuals and agencies working with a person who has had a diagnosis, for example: they can work with your employer if you are experiencing difficulties in work. They can offer training and support to the staff who support you.